Fair Trade? What is that, exactly?


Fair Trade? What is that, exactly?

Picture it, your local supermarket, 10:13 in the morning on a Tuesday. You pass the coffee aisle and see a beautiful White Coffee banner. The store clerk is taste testing out the White Coffee “Freakin’ Awesome” single serve coffee. She pours you a small tasting cup and as you sip, the coffee envelops your senses. The smell, the feel and most importantly, the taste all spectacular and fluid. “What kind of coffee is this?” you ask the clerk. “It’s White Coffee’s Fair Trade Organic Freakin’ Awesome Coffee”. They reply. “Fair Trade?” You question. “What is that?”

Believe it or not, a lot of people come across this particular scenario. Many people love the taste of organic, fair trade coffee but few no exactly what “Fair-trade” means. Well, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and let us explain.

Let’s begin with the reason there is a Fair-Trade. What makes Fair-Trade so powerful is the positive impact is has on the farming communities around the world. Fair-Trade empowers farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty by developing the skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. One of the most important aspects of Fair Trade, the funds! The funds are specifically designated for social, economic and environmental development projects. However, it is very difficult to know what is best for each community. That’s why they have created a democratic system where each community determines how their own fund are used.

As a global network, Fair trade plays a key role in providing training that helps producers to improve their business operation so they can be competitive in a complexed, international marketplace. White Coffee continuously looks to increase their fair trade catalog in the very near future. White Coffee’s Fair Trade label guarantees that the product you purchase has met the highest social and environmental standards. Like we at White Coffee always say, “If You do good, you are good!”