Is our coffee really white?

Well, this seems to be the #1 frequently asked question of all time here at White Coffee, and while the answer to the question is NO, here's a brief history on how we named our company.

In 1939, when David White, father of Irwin, grandfather of Gregory and Jonathan, founded his coffee business with some partners, the company specialized in office coffee supply and was known as the White-Kobrick Coffee Co. When White Kobrick Coffee was formed in 1939, the company specialized in office coffee supply, gradually moving into food service. In 1943, David White went solo and changed the name of his operation to the White Coffee Corp. In 1950, David's son Irwin joined the company and as coffee consumption continued to climb throughout the 1950's so did the fortunes of White Coffee.

In the 1970's, as coffee consumption declined, they dedicated themselves to a category they would help create: specialty coffee. During this period, White Coffee began giving educational seminars. Irwin White and his wife (and current company president) Carole and their colleagues began teaching people about the intracacies of coffee and the coffee business. At the same time, White Coffee's food service business expanded dramatically.

White Coffee joined the Dine-mor (later known as Royal Cup) system, offering uniform products to national foodservice customers, giving White Coffee additional expertise in national accounts.

White Coffee has always been at the forefront of new product industry development, from being the first roaster to offer Swiss Water Decaf coffees in the United States (importing its own green coffee for its own exclusive use), being one of the first roasters to utilize vacuum packages to allow for coffee degassing without coffee spoilage, importing exclusive estate coffees for its customers, and adding new retail packaging and single cup products.

Carol White became president of White Coffee in 1992. Jonathan and Gregory White, third generation family members, continue White Coffee's reputation for the finest quality products, innovative products and packaging, aggressive marketing programs, a complete assortment of teas and other complimentary items, and the personal commitment and involvement to insure every customer's satisfaction.

Over the last ten years, White Coffee has dramatically increased its private label business, both with retail packages and with foodservice operators. Through internal expansions within its current facility and new packaging machines, this allowed for significantly increased capacity, better product control, and increased sku’s (particularly in retail coffee items). White Coffee also upgraded its infrastructure to allow for rapid growth, including a comprehensive integrated information technology system, outside certifications (food safety, fair trade/organic), acquisition of several small roasters to allow for micro batch roasting, and additional personnel support to provide all-around services to its customers.  While maintaining its commitment to sourcing new exclusive coffees, particularly fair trade and organic, White Coffee secured a series of national accounts through its licensed coffee programs, including Kahlua, Entenmanns, First Colony, Hell’s Kitchen and Emeril’s.

White Coffee is committed to be a leader in the industry in minimizing the effect of its activities on the environment;

The key points of our strategies to achieve this are;

- Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

- Minimize toxic emission through the selection and use of its fleets and processes operations

- Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers

- Source, produce, and promote product varieties to minimize the environmental impact of both production and distribution

- Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the company

- White coffee program for its staff raises awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the company’s performance.

Vision Statement
We are White Coffee Ambassadors. We will treat our associates, customers and suppliers with integrity, respect and responsiveness. As an industry leader, our success depends on exceeding our partners' expectations.

Mission Statement
White Coffee will grow our customers' profits by providing quality-based, innovative solutions to their ever-changing needs. Our mission is for every customers to be an ambassador of the White Coffee family.